Thursday, 31 July 2014

Forgotten Melodies - The Final Instalment- Beautiful Lyrics.

My Father in a song sequence from Anokhi Raat

When I started on this list, I did not realize that I would be tempted to take it to 3 parts. I just could not help it, the songs those days were so good, the lyrics, composition, the rendition by the singers, everything was perfect. In my final post I have restricted myself to just eleven songs. I have highlighted a few of the lines that have particularly appealed to me in some of these songs.

Friday, 4 July 2014

Forgotten Melodies (Part 2) - Sweet Melodies From My Father's Films.

My father with Nirupa Roy in a song sequence from Ma Beta
When I did my previous post I was more or less sure about the songs that I would select for this post. I decided then that my next post would be a selection of songs that have struck a chord in my heart and songs that I have just liked because of the sweet melody and of course the lyrics. I, however, did not realize what a  tough task it was going to be. That was the golden era of film music, I just could not decide which song to select and which one to leave out. For this post I finally decided to select the songs that I like for their melody and I decided to stick to my father’s black and white films. So here is my list of songs.