Tuesday, 26 November 2013

My Father’s Colour Films (Part 2) - Bikhre Moti, Aan Milo Sajna & Parde Ke Peechey

Before I begin my post I would like to clarify something. Those of you who have been regular followers of this blog may have noticed that I have been posting clips directly from You Tube. I recently discovered an interesting tool Tube Chop (www.tubechop.com). Usually when we want to draw attention to something particular in a You Tube video, we usually have to specify the exact point at which it comes in, with  Tube Chop, all you have to do is just chop off that portion and share it with everyone. Since, I usually discover all these things a little late in the day, I thought all my readers were already aware of this website. Much to my surprise however, from the feedback that I got from some of my friends and readers, I realized that they thought that I had embedded the entire film and as they did not have the time, they did not bother to watch the videos. You will find plenty of clips in this post, so please do not be under the impression that I have
embedded the entire film from You Tube, I have just chopped off the relevant portions from my father’s films.

Coming back to the post, last time I talked about the prank my father played on Jeetendra ( that goes into the trivia section), he did it while shooting on location in Hyderabad for Bikhre Moti.

                                                     Bikhre Moti                      

Sujit Kumar, my father, Kamini Kaushal, Jeetendra and Babita