Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Father’s Colour Films (Part 1) - Choti si Mulaqat & Choti Bahu

Choti si Mulaqat                                Choti Bahu with Sharmila Tagore

 When I started this blog I knew I would have difficulty posting at regular intervals – time is a major constraint – I had the choice of going ahead with the blog no matter how irregular I am with my posts or drop the idea altogether. I chose the former, as it was always my dream to have this blog, so here I am after a long interval.

As I had indicated in my last post, I am now going to focus on some of my father's colour films. In this post I will talk about Choti Si Mulaqat and Choti Bahu both of which were based on Bengali novels. Those were the days when films were based on novels and short stories. The story was the king, the stars were not superior to the story. You could relate to the characters, and the dialogues often found an echo in your own heart. Watching a particular character in such films, you may have found a reflection of someone you know or had known at some point in your life.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Kohraa and more…..

I am very sorry for this long gap, I was busy with some activity and also spent considerable time  digging up stuff for this post.

If you are wondering why the title Kohraa and more….? You see, as I was watching Kohraa once again, I could not help but think that my father had a very expressive face and also very expressive eyes so I thought why limit this post to Kohraa, let me dig deep and look at his other black and white films too (I am restricting this post to his black and white films) some of which sadly sank at the box-office.